We Open Source

Schema is an open source project to facilitate all your web development needs. Our goal is to make the web look great. To make Schema so great we also took advantage of some other open source projects out there. We think you'll like them, too.


Normalize.css is a project created by Nicolas Gallagher. Normalize is an alternative to the css reset.

Font Awesome

We use Font Awesome for all of our iconography needs. They provide a wide variety of icons.


To get a you would type this…

<i class="fa fa-plane"></i>

Google Fonts

For v2 we introduced the use of Source Sans Pro. Don't like it? You can easily change it!

Variable Description
@primary-font Change up the font here at this variable in variables.less
@secondary-font Currently just “serif”. You can change that in variables.lesstoo


Don't forget to link to the font.

<link href="http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Source+Sans+Pro:300,400,700,900,300italic,400italic,700italic,900italic)">

The Jquery in this library is super light right now, but we plan on building on top of it very soon. Follow the progress.


Think this needs more Javascript? You can always contribute to the project.

<script src="src/js/jquery-1.11.min.js"></script>