When Less Is More

Schema ships with vanilla CSS, but the source files of Schema are built with Less. Looking to redecorate Schema? Perfect. You'll do so by manipulating the Less files. You'll need a preprocessor to compile your files. The compiled CSS should compile into the src/css folder.

If you're on a Mac, I highly recommend Codekit. It can compile EVERYTHING.

Less File Overview

NOTE schema.less is the file where all files are imported using the @import statement.

     — alerts.less 
     — badge.less 
     — buttons.less 
     — clearfix.less 
     — dropdowns.less 
     — forms.less 
     — frame.less 
     — grid.less 
     — helpers.less 
     — listgroup.less 
     — mixins.less 
     — nav.less 
     — normalize.less 
     — panel.less 
     — schema.less 
     — state.less 
     — tables.less 
     — typography.less 
     — variables.less