Light. Responsive. Ready.

A modular, front end framework to easily and quickly help you jumpstart your process in building complex interfaces for the web right out the box.

Download Schema Framework v2.0

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From prototype to production

Whether you’re trying to put a quick design to a prototype, or if you’re working on a production-ready application, Schema provides the foundation and components to easily design any responsive web project.


Schema comes fully equipped with the capabilities of creating familiar experiences across multiple viewports. From a desktop monitor down to a mobile device, Schema's 12-column grid provides flexibility.

Less CSS

Schema leverages the power of Less. This enables a clean structure of code that is super easy to maintain. Need something to compile your Less, and on a Mac? I totally recommend Codekit. Seriously.


Want to help us make Schema even better? Schema is open source, so if you want to take part in contributing please fork the repo on Github and send us a pull request. Or, if you find a bug create a new issue.

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