Learn what makes Schema so powerful. This will introduce you to Schema's groundwork, how to implement the various components of the framework, and learn our best practices in building a better web.

Schema has minimal styling. It's meant to be used, abused, and built upon.


The basis of Schema is built with Less. Less is a preprocessor packed with functionality. It's equipped with things like variables, mixins, and functions.


Schema is easy to customize. Look in the src/less folder for the source files. Open any Less file to easily customize your designs as you see fit.

Semantic Markup

Schema was built with semantics at the forefront of development. Feel confident writing clean markup without forfeiting web standards.


Schema comes packed with modular and adaptable components that can work alone, or they can be accumulated together.

Quick Prototyping

Schema provides a UI to rapidly prototype science projects or ideas faster so you're that much closer to production-ready.

Responsive Grid System

Schema is built for adaptation. This allows you to build beautiful experiences from desktops to mobile devices seamlessly.